Tuesday, February 07, 2006

59 Degrees !!!!

Okay the kids could NOT WAIT!!! Once I gave them the green light (Don't touch the bottom yet kids) they were all over it. It was only 59 degrees in there!!! My daughter only went in a bit but son jumped in all the way ! Brrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

Guess Who Went Swimming ?

Photos of the Pool at Night.......

Friday, February 03, 2006

4 1/2 hours from start of water filling.........


See the red tag ROB???? It was on clearance!!!! We are going to LOVE it!!!! :-)

SUMMER NIGHTS IN OUR BACKYARD!!! (Tune of Van Halen....summer nights)

More plaster photos!!!

We got Plaster!!!!

Plaster BABY Plaster!!!

They got here at 7AM and were ready to plaster!!!

It's a good day when the PutzMeister is here!!!

You can see how it's starting to lighten up out there!!!

Tune in later for more close up and detail photos!!!

The BIG DAY!!!!

We are getting PLASTER!!!!

Whooo Hooooo!!!!! Tune in later for more pics!!!