Thursday, May 04, 2006

Salt Water Heaven!!

The pool was up and running by the pool company and then all the rains came and knocked the salt water a bit out of whack. Rob's been working hard to get the salt and salinity back to where it should be. Already there are no red eyes and you can feel the water is different than the chlorine pools.

Lexi's been in the pool every single day. I can't hardly keep her out of it. We call her the polar bear. The pool was 76 degrees last night about 8pm. I'm really excited to see how warm it gets when we get some 80-90-100 degree days!!!

Both kids are loving the pool. Wolfie's been sick for a while with muscle and joint pain. He told me the other day that when he's swimming he feels great with no body pain. Swimming is so great on the body and I'm praying that this really does the trick for him. I have started swimming laps but both kids are all over me so I will need to start some "Mommy Time" in the pool now.

My hubby saw this toy the other day and begged me to not turn the backyard into a circus!!! LOL

If you don't already have some CROCS GET SOME NOW!!! They don't slip around the pool and it's great for when your dressed and cleaning the leaves out of the pool!!!

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minnie said...

omg. i totally love my crocs too. i need to order myself another pair. this time i am going withthe "beach" style instead of cayman.