Monday, February 12, 2007

Almost TIME!!!!

Okay so yeah it's still a bit rainy here in Nor Cal. We got our pool filled up in Feb of 06 I believe. I will have to scroll down and ready my blog to see the exact date. I can't wait for summer!!! I want to set the bar up, get the music pumping (LUIS you better burn me those Cuban CD's!) , fill the outdoor fridge and have the friends over!!!!

So girls get those bikinis waxed and boys start pumping iron cause it's almost swim suit season...oh wait....don't you know the rules at our house? COME AS YOU ARE!!!!! Chest hair or no chest hair......cellulite on the problem......Our CASA is for kicking back, chillin and being with friends.......are you ready?


Anonymous said...

Scared me for a minute, I'm several years away from a decent bod. I'm glad you welcome people as they are. :) Sounds like a blast!

Northend Nique said...

GAH! I am so there!!